In the interest and out of respect of the brands used by Philip Karto, all of our products are purchased used and are 100% authentic. The bags are then fixed, cleaned, and customized fully by hand, with respect to the original artists.

Once the bags are modified from their original state, we cannot represent the brand; but we can guarantee the bags are purchased authentic, which we will then guarantee authenticity under the name Philip Karto. Being said, a painted and customized bag, being altered from its original authentic state is no longer under guarantee from the original designer brand.

However, WE, Philip Karto are working with authentic bags before customizing and modifying said bags.

Please note, “modified” represents strictly that we replace a part of the bag such as the handle, straps, or a zipper but no other modifications are performed structurally. All quarentees are processed under our care.

In this message we strive to be clear with our client base on the fact that Philip Karto is an independent artist and designer with no official contracts with brands he works on in his art. In conclusion, international law protects Philip Karto and allows the purchase, customization, and sale of the original bag with utmost respect for the brands.