Tired of his Louis Vuitton Keepall bag that he had  borrowed from his mother, Philip decided to paint it  in 2017... it became impossible to walk 50 meters without somebody asking him where he   had bought it. And as they say, the rest is history. He purchased several of the brands vintage bags in conciliation, dismantled them entirely, cleaned them, replaced their leather pieces with sustainably correct recuperated dead snake or crocodile, the steel bits   with 925 silver pieces. Painted characters or objects adorned one side, quotes the other. His friend Liliane, owner of the  famous Parisian store 'Montaigne Market', took a few bags on consignment. After a mere two days, his phone rang; the bags had sold out. Thus the Philip Karto adventure began. Today his bags sell in 87 stores in 17 countries around the world. In its Hong Kong Edition of October 2020, Nylon magazine wrote: "According to our research, Philip Karto is the first true customizer of luxury bags". His brand screams 'sustainability'. He is proud to recycle bags that are, on occasion, over 30 years old. At the beginning of 2020, amid the global health crisis, he launched his first ready-to-wear line, "Prohibition by Philip Karto". From denim to hoodies or Tshirts, all pieces are handmade. Inspired by the world around him, the streets of the cities he walks through, the passing of time seduces him. He considers nothing more beautiful than the 'wear' of a garment. "I like to wear a piece that has lived; that is why my "Prohibition" line smells of life. I wash and re-wash worn out and damaged garments.
They are then stained and 'cleanly soiled' so that all the pieces in my collection give my clients the impression that they have worn my clothes their entire lives". Avoiding the limelight on all occasions, Philip has advised many fashionistas on style, and among his avid followers, one finds famous rappers, actors, or sports stars. Currently, there are secret collaborations underway. Philip is proud to have been chosen for these and deems this fact not solely a huge reward but, above all, an incredible recognition of his work. Because one thing is certain, this particular jack of all trades still has many places to go. If there is one jack of all trades in the urban field, then Philip Karto leads in the first place, far ahead in this hundred-meter sprint. He was born in the South of France in the mid-70s and became a pioneer in tagging,skateboarding, and BMX. His interest in North American culture cemented itself from the very beginning.
While many remained on their bikes, he already thought of riding a Harley Davidson. Philip's motto; Think Big. By the mid-90s, he had created a brand of silver jewellery, inspired by the rock n roll caption, adorned with skulls that, at the time, still scared the store buyers. However, his ingenuity for seeing future trends and his insistence were soon rewarded. He found not only an audience but caught the eye of the grand maestro himself, Karl Lagerfeld. At his bequest, Philip created a silver masterpiece heel for a pair of Chanel shoes. He continued to forge ahead, working at urban brands such as Kulte, Faith Connexion, and Chrisitan Audigier. 2010 proved to be a turning point in his career as he realised that he no longer understood fashion. The emergence of large groups in the mass market that copied the big luxury brands created a new universe. It became a world that he wished to view from a distance, and so, removing himself from the middle, it became "his time to find the taste for creation."